Week 5

This week, I finished the retro futurism scene and also added one more character in the scene. That character show up in the very first scene which is approached by the neon grids.

If you want to see the dancing scene, please read the previous post.

Mocap Lab

Demo for the interaction

This time, I tried to detect if the skeleton mesh actors overlapped or not. If they are overlapped, the animation of the blue neon circle will start. I set up the animation for the blue circle through the timeline function in level blueprint. Did the same thing to the floating cubes.

Build the environment & motion capture lab

Build Environment

I changed the moodboard that I came up with last time. Still, I want to involve the audience in the scene and make the environment immersive. Since I like nostalgia elements a lot, I want to create environment which represent 1980s’ futurism with neon grid and landscape like mountains, islands and lake. Characters in the scene are like the player in the 1980s’ video game.

Here are the pictures and video.


I am interested in visualizing people’s emotion. For the project, I want to visualize “pressure”. I’d like to have strings tangled on a human body which symbolize the accumulation of stress from our daily life. Audience can also get involved in the work by using their phone to interact with it. On their phone, they can see the source of pressure randomly, like pressure from pressure from school work, their job or so. And then they can tap on the source of pressure which can be simultaneously added to the character’s body and accumulate as tangled string.

Documentation for the Mocap Lab 1

Final Updates

  1. After doing a lot of research about creating tunnel effect in Unreal, I tried to create Tunnel with cylinder and used two-sided video texture.

2. Use Spline to put the a series of cylinders in row as a tunnel, still need to modify a little bit. When I add vertexs on the spline and modify vertex’s position to make it more like a curve, it should be rotated a little bit to fit the curve

3. I will use After effect to create some animated texture for the tunnel.

Tunnel test 1

For my final project, I decide to stick with my midterm project’s idea, personifying a city and narrating a story about her memory. This term, I add more plots for the story to make the story more complete. I also plan to use fan, water spray and arduino to make the whole experience more immersive. For example, when players fly through a tunnel, they can feel wind blowing. When they are in the scene with climate disasters, they can even feel a little bit water on their body.

These are the moodboard and storyboards of the story.

Combination of MoodBoard & Storyboard

Final Result:(Final Design)

Please select high quality to watch it.

Midterm Result:(First iteration)


***This project is built in Unreal Engine and is an individual project that I developed for Narrative VR class***

My initial idea is to personify a city and narrate a story about the city’s life. In this film, the city has her own body. She is a giant and also the spirit of the city. This city used to be very prosperous and have tons of commercial activities. However, now she is no longer young and energetic. All the prosperous scenes in the film are her memory.

As I mentioned in…

Yu-Hsuan Lin

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