We always have a choice in life

Even in the worst case in life, we always have a choice — We can either reject what life deals us or choose to choose it.

Rejecting reality is always an option. It comes with fantasy, resentment, pain, anger, frustration, regret, self-doubt, and even hatred. We waste our energy replaying a scenario unlike the real world. It can be trivial, as we try to debate ourselves to snooze in the morning. It can also be monumental, as we long for more love from the past.

“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.”
source: timetochoose.com

However terrifying reality is, we are always free to choose it. Unlike the drink we order (coffee, water, or tea), we don’t often get multiple choices. Most of the time, it’s just one. We can take it anyway. And only after full acceptance, can we have a real shot at moving on and creating a better future. Here are some things I choose to choose:

  • I choose my hard-to-manage, flying-everywhere hair.
  • I choose my long and crowded commute.
  • I choose the cold winter.
  • I choose my imposter syndrome.
  • I choose to be an Asian woman in tech in the U.S.
  • I choose my failed startup.
  • I choose my look, height, physical and mental health.
  • I choose my parents, their imperfect and sometimes abusive love.
  • I choose not being able to say final goodbyes to my grandpa and dogs.
  • I choose who I am.
  • I choose my past.
source: isreality.org

What do you choose to choose?

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