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At this very moment, 340.053 people have died globally from Covid-19.

Pushing towards the end of May, most of the countries and markets have already begun easing up their lockdown measures taken in the previous two months. People start to claim their right to “normality” bearing, hopefully, in mind that without precautions the worst might yet to come.

On a communication level, emphasis is put on how brands envision the future and adapt to it, starting today. As markets strive to exit the lockdown’s deep freeze status, it falls upon communication to lead the way and set the new benchmarks.

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Post Covid-19 tourism welcomes the lone traveler

You don’t need to have all the data to know that tourism is amongst the greatest victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. How could it be otherwise?

With the global economy at a standstill, 2 billion people staying in, a barrage of unpleasant -to say the least- news; at this moment, whoever can actually be thinking of her next recreational trip must be high on something.

Now, the planet is on a break. Social distancing imposes a distance from what our micro and macro planning used to be. Gradually, we all realize that, when…

yiannis kardaras

you are what you repeatedly do

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