Winning 40under40 Procter&Gamble Global Alumni is a big deal; and not only for bragging to your friends on Facebook or Instagram!

On May 2017 it was announced that I was selected in the first-ever 40under40 Procter&Gamble Global Alumni list. At first, I was proud and happy and, of course, I posted it on Facebook for all my friends to hit the blue thumbs up (NB: it was also an amazing opportunity to thank 4 of my P&G managers and mentors for everything they had done 10 years prior).

But as time started passing by and the award ceremony (October 2017 in Cincinnati) was getting close, I was still un-decisive on whether I should attend; given that there was no cost covered, the financial burden was significant in the transitional startup times I was going through. Then, one day, a fellow P&G alum with a remarkable marketing career in P&G LatAm found out I was being awarded and asked me to meet her in the event. When I told her I may not be going, she jumped off her chair: “Are you serious? You must go… you have earned it… there is no money that can buy such accolades”. She made me think…

…that at the end any such award looks great among your friends, on LinkedIn and on your social media feeds, but it does something more: it builds your credibility and causes respect by people who are equally successful and -very often- more achieved than you. It is this secret connector that makes people want to talk more and others to see what you are doing and how you came up with such an honor.

Needless to say, I decided to go the ceremony and never regretted it. I met with many amazing people also awarded that day, plus a few others who immediately talk to you about opportunities, investments, ideas, or just about what they are thinking to do next.

So, thank you P&G Alumni Network for doing me the honor and thank you 40under40 Alums for having me among you.