VectorDrawable fillrule evenOdd

After attending Or Bar’s presentation, Shapeshifting: Creating Delightful Icon Animations at 360AnDev 2017, I was pleased to learn that version 25.4.0 of the support library supports,

  • evenodd rule
  • AnimatedVectorDrawables

To get this you need to update your appcompat-v7 dependency to version 25.4.0, and make sure to use srcCompat instead of src in your ImageViews.

Also make sure that you update your build.gradle repositories to include the new Android Support Library maven repo.

As a proof of concept I forked Mark Allison’s source from his post on, Or The Curious Case of the Missing Hole and updated it to have a branch with version 25.3.0 of the support lib and a branch with version 25.4.0 of the support lib. If you run this on a device below API 23, which is when the evenodd fillrule was introduced, then you should see that 25.4.0 properly works.

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