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When moving to a new place, it can be overwhelming to meet others.
There are people all around you who may have shared interests.
How can you connect with them?

Introducing...Open Invite, designed for freshman at Carnegie Mellon to build friendships around shared activities, based on interest first, not time or day.

  • Meet Tyler, a very sociable freshman who wants to meet more people at CMU but sometimes finds it intimidating.
  • Tyler’s RA introduces him to the Open Invite app, endorsed by CMU, to better connect Tyler to those around him.
  • Tyler logs in through his CMU account,and Open Invite gathers his information then adds him to groups related to him: his floor, dorm, major, and class year.
  • Tyler creates his first “open invite”, with the idea to go to an outdoor concert sometime, open to people on his floor.

  • Meet Allison, a freshman soccer player. She wants to meet new people, but has trouble making time.
  • She checks her Open Invite newsfeed, sees Tyler’s invite, and expresses her interest.

  • Meanwhile, Tyler sees that Allison is interested in his event.
  • He checks Allison’s profile to see who she is,and then adds her to a group chat with others interested.
  • In the chat, the group figures out what time and place they’d like to meet for the concert.
  • At the concert, the group has a great time and bond over their common interest.

Open Invite - a place to connect with new people near you that you just haven’t met yet! Sparking fun times & meaningful friendships through unforgettable experiences.

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