Chinese Science Ship Dong Fang Hong 3 Launches Today


(Yicai Global) May 30 — The new generation deep-sea scientific research vessel built by Shanghai-based state-backed Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) was commissioned into service today.

The vessel, whose underwater radiated noise control technology is of the highest international standards, is also one of the world’s largest noise-free scientific research ships, local media Shanghai Observer reported.

Customized for the Ocean University of China in Qingdao in China’s eastern province, the scientific research ship Dong Fang Hong 3, which can sail for 15,000 nautical miles and carry 110 crew members and researchers, has among the most tonnage and the most ship staff among world scientific research ships. It has 600 square meters of operations deck and a 600-square meter lab area.

The scientific research vessel , whose name means ‘the East Is Red’ in Chinese, can also probe water, the seabed and atmosphere comprehensively and accurately realize ship-to-land information network connectivity.

It will be one of the marine integrated research ships with the most reliable and genuine scientific research data in the world for some time, the report said.
Founded in 1865, Jiangnan Shipyard has been state owned ever since then.

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