In 2017

I learned that I would struggle with the same thing not once, not twice, but over and over again. But rather than the shadow of failure following me, it was the peace of progress. It was just a little bit less sometimes. It was just a little bit better.

I learned what it meant to take life just a little less seriously. I don’t have to have it all figured out. The weight of the world was not mine alone, but shared through others and through Him who carried and carries all the burdens.

I learned the importance of intentionality, consistence, persistence. To wake up every morning making the decision to love and to care and to have peace.

I learned that nobody is ever right. There is no right side. There is only wrong because of our nature and how you work together towards the right solution.

I will fail everybody I know and most of all myself and I am less than the best I think of myself — but I’m also more than the worst I think of myself.

In 2017 I learned again what it meant to date myself, to take care of myself, to treat myself once in a while. I am allowed to say no. I am allowed to think of myself sometimes.

2017 was good because I learned to understand the truth of Jesus’ love, and so I loved others deeply, and in turn I learned to love myself.

Cheers to 2018, a year I’m sure will be full of learning and relearning the same things.

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