What is the toughest issue for Wechat in the revolution of AI?

Wechat has released 2016 annually financial report. With 886 million active users. Wechat has attributed directly or indirectly thousands million revenue for Tencent. Thus Wechat has become the most successful and trustworthy social network in the world. To feel at ease, the user demands are constantly changing, with the information explosion and the AI revolution to come ,what should be the next step for Wechat?

1:Why social network important?

Social network benefits the survival of human race.

People are social animals. The very survival of human race depends on our ability of forming communities and cultures. What is community? A community is a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs. Why does forming a community is important? Because when we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe, something remarkable happens: Trust emerges. Trust is not the checklist. Simply doing everything you say you are going to do doesn’t mean people inherently trust you. It is reliable. Trust can build a strong bond in a short time efficiently. In a community, people are more willing to take risks. People are more confident to go somewhere nobody has ever been. To discover, to make a different.

Social network benefits the progress of human race.

The society is made up of people from different cultures and communities. The very progress of the society depends on the willingness to take risks. Why? Because in a world that everything is changing tremendously fast the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk. Social network is the best way to form communities. It can let people find friends and comrades over distance and cultures.Why does social network can? Because social network is a place where people show their symbol of their beliefs and values. The symbol will be discovered by other people easily.

The core value of social network is representing people in the cyber world, helping form real life communities quickly to increase the possibility of human survival and society progress.

2: The next generation social network
Wechat should still be a trustworthy and efficient social network. Wechat should help user acquire and digest information according to their need.

To be trust-worthy, the core value of Social Network stands still.

To be efficient, information overload must be killed. In the information torrent, the ability of filter necessary information and block spam is beyond human skill set. We are sort of slaves of our subscription now.We are forcing to spend tremendously time searching beneficent memes in the stream of non-sense filled with ads, rumors and so on.

AI will be the killer tool to deal with information overload.AI can help us grab the nature out of redundancy . AI can recognize what is the information help us with the relevantly highest efficiency based on the understanding of our mind and life conditions.

Ethics problems come after technology. New technology will not only solve new problem but also break the former ethics. For example to kill the information overload, Wechat will have to track users’ conversation with their friends, their browser history and so on. This is a conflict to the privacy. No body want to live under the monitor. So the increase of efficiency will be a harm to trustworthy. We need a new security mechanism to balance the problem. That’s will be the next gap Wechat need to get across.

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