Everything You Need to Know: Preparation for YieldNest’s Mainnet Launch

4 min readMay 6, 2024

YieldNest’s Mainnet launch is right around the corner. This is our biggest milestone and marks the beginning of a new chapter for us.

Once we launch on Mainnet, you can restake ETH to receive ynETH. With ynETH, you can earn base layer and restaking rewards.

Additionally, early adopters will have the unique opportunity to earn extra rewards from our Seeds & Pioneer Programs — more about that in future articles.

Are you ready to be among the FIRST to maximize your ETH rewards?

Let’s cover everything you need to know to participate in ETH restaking on the day of our Mainnet launch.

Try Out YieldNest via the Holesky Testnet

We encourage you to try out our Testnet to get a feel for how YieldNest works and to battle-test the ETH restaking experience!

Head over to Holesky Testnet to restake your ETH (received via a testnet faucet) and see how seamless the experience really is.

If you have any comments, feel free to provide feedback to the team via our official Discord. Using Testnet will prepare you for when we officially launch our Mainnet.

Tutorial: How to Restake ETH on Mainnet

Restaking ETH on YieldNest is simple. Our goal is to make the user experience as easy as possible to onboard anyone who wants to help contribute to the network and the entire ecosystem.

Ready? Please follow the step-by-step guide below to restake your ETH on YieldNest once Mainnet is live.

  1. Go to the “main page of the web app” (to be provided on mainnet launch) and connect your Web3 wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet
Connect your wallet

2. After connecting your wallet, it’s time to select ynETH. Click “Restake” under the ynETH section to continue

Press “Restake” for ynETH

3. Select the amount of ETH you want to restake. The corresponding amount of ynETH you will receive will be displayed

Fill in the amount of ETH you want to restake

4. Click “Confirm amount to restake” and click “Restake” to continue

Confirm amount to restake

5. After agreeing with the transaction overview click “Restake” to continue.

Restake the final amount

6. Confirm the transaction with your Web3 wallet

7. That’s it! You have successfully received ynETH


8. View your ynETH balance and begin accruing Seeds for boosted rewards.

You can find your ynETH balance over here

When is the Mainnet Launch?

The mainnet launch is coming soon, so make sure you follow us on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.

Exciting times are ahead, so make sure you take a look at the tutorial above to get a head start once ETH restaking goes live.

One secret that we would like to share with you is that…

  1. Receive a 5x Boost for the First 7 Days
  2. Early eligible adopters will receive a permanent 15% Seed boost on their restaked ETH as part of the Pioneer Program.
  3. Anyone who restakes ETH will automatically begin earning Seeds (Seeds are YieldNest’s form of points)
  4. Everyone will be able to boost their Seeds rewards, as part of our referral program

BONUS TIP: Stay ahead of the curve and already take a look at our docs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be first in line for boosted rewards.
The early bird gets the worm with Yieldnest.

About YieldNest

YieldNest is a next-generation liquid restaking protocol that provides simple-to-understand, risk-adjusted restaking strategies. Its mission is to abstract away the complexities of restaking by building a one-stop-shop, easy-to-understand nLRT and LRT-based products with superior risk-adjusted returns.

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