We Don’t Run

Last night I took my wife to a Bon Jovi concert, and one song stood out that I have never heard, the song is called We Don’t Run, and the chorus says;

“We don’t run; I’m standing my ground.
We Don’t run, and we don’t back down.”

All I could think about for the 3:17min was how so many of us run from our emotions, our realities, and our responsibilities.

You might have a relationship that just isn’t working, a business that isn’t producing, and a fear of making a change, but the one characteristic that leaders have is that WE DON’T RUN.

Leadership is about having COURAGE and facing anything that is in front of you.

Leadership is about confronting your emotions and feelings and figuring out how they affect your success, both professionally and personally.

It took me years of coaches, courses, therapists, and mentors to deal with not communicating, having the disease to please, creating boundaries, and one of the worst, self-doubt.

The work was hard and long.

I cried!
I laughed!
I doubted!
I was afraid!
I failed!
I triumphed!

The one thing that made me break through was NOT running away and dealing with the issues.

We all have something that stares us in the face, creating a feeling of instability and a sense of uncertainty.

What sets the leaders apart is self-awareness.

It’s putting the phone away and having courageous conversations face to face.

Talk to your wife or husband!
Hire a coach to help with your business!
Read books about mindset!
Apologize to those you have wronged!
Forgive those who have wronged you!



Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s asking fear to step aside because you need to take action.

Do it, so you have full clarity in your mind and soul to move forward and succeed.

And remember;

We Don’t Run- We Stand Our Ground — We Don’t Back Down


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