Sentinel Appliance for Water Quality Monitoring

George Lin
Dec 13, 2018 · 4 min read
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Sentinel : BiiLabs Sentinel Appliance is helping enterprises and governments to monitor the water quality data by DLT. People could access the water quality data and trust the result, which is secured by the Sentinel Appliance.

In Taiwan, a documentary through aerial photography in 2014 urged the situation to be changed. The success of “Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above” sparked a wave of domestic debates on firms’ illegal actions. Citizens with great indignation broke silence to join water monitoring.

Ironically, with more water pollution cases revealed, the dilemma in water monitoring is no longer hidden: the data reliability and real-time monitoring are still far from reality. Therefore, even if water pollution is awfully obvious, the water quality data could be all the while fine. The ridiculous situation happens repeatedly: waters is only clean as the Environmental Audit Committee visits. What’s worse, the vendors responsible for monitoring even assisted the black factories to forge instruments through tampering data.

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polluted river

Solutions to water pollution explode, toward firms themselves or the authorities. For example, Taiwan Citizens of the Earth calls for real-time discharge monitoring data and accessible audit process. However, taking into practice is not merely time-consuming or costly, but lacking the trust foundation.

Apart from the penalty and compensation policies, appeals of water monitoring long for general attendance, which implies the importance of trust building. Unfortunately, the challenges of trust building come from man-made mistakes, improper verification process, and tampering risks.

To achieve the goal, BiiLabs provides our partners with two types of service with one primary product. As a software startup, BiiLabs develops Sentinel for different a scenario to transport the recording data to the distributed ledgers, in order to confirm the transparency. In this era, transparency equals trust. And what BiiLabs does is to make sure the trust building work by distributed ledger technology (DLT), which is also known Blockchain.

Sentinel: BiiLabs Sentinel Appliance is helping enterprises and governments to monitor the water quality data by DLT. People could access the water quality data and trust the result, which is secured by the Sentinel Appliance.

In the case of water monitoring, BiiLabs focuses on the concept of proof of existence (PoE) to prevent data from being tampered. Here are our two services:

1. Credentials on distributed ledgers: All data records produce unique digital footprints called ‘hash value’ through encryption. The hash value can further develop into credentials due to its verifiability. However, credentials do not mean the contents, since data is actually stored off-chain. In other words, we only provide reliable evidence to prove the ever existence of the data.

2. Raw data on distributed ledgers: Under the premise of proper data size, the raw data is available to write into the Blockchain directly. Thus, not only its footprints, we can make the tampering extremely hard by decentralization, if the data sources themselves are reliable enough.

Either credentials or raw data records, DLT combining Internet of Things (IoT) can accurately solve the pain points of water monitoring. Imagine this: mass sensors automatically deliver their information to the distributed ledgers without human intervention and the cryptographic data is transparent and super hard to tamper. Most importantly, the mechanism significantly saves the costs of traceability.

In short, proper application of DLT ensures:

(1) Better transparency of the audit process,
(2) Enhanced security with fewer risks of tampering,
(3) Improved traceability by unique hash values,
(4) Increased efficiency through machine-to-machine (M2M) mechanism, and
(5) Reduced costs by removing human intervention.

Then, why is BiiLabs your best choice? Here are three reasons:

(1) Convenience and Efficiency: BiiLabs Sentinel Appliance has collaborated with world-class companies of Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) to develop products. The prior integration gives our partners the best service efficiency.

(2) High Maintenance Quality: Compared to self-maintenance, BiiLabs Sentinel Appliance provides not only specialized products but also professional consulting service.

(3) Reasonable Fee: What BiiLabs cares is our partners’ long-term operations. Therefore, aside from one-time hardware implementation, BiiLabs also follows up on the development.

In conclusion, the specialization between BiiLabs and our partners can greatly save costs and improve efficiency. Also, the longitudinal follow-ups maintain the service quality and is further contributed to corporate sustainability. Admittedly, illegal discharge of wastewater widespread impacts both the environment and all human beings’ health. The unreasonable tolerance of water pollution used to be justified, for the economic prosperity seems to be doomed to accompany the contamination of water. Yet, with the maturity of the technology, it is time for citizens to attend the surveillance process. But before this, trust building should be the first step created by you and BiiLabs.


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