What is your motivation every day?

My friend was curious why do some people have such a perfect daily routine, waking up in the early morning, having some exercises and breakfast, and then doing their work later. For me, doing my work in the morning is always effective. I can say I’m a morning person and I seldom sleep after 12 am. Waking up early in the morning will make you feel fresh, and you’ll have lots of time to plan your day and finish your work. To be honest, I’ll feel guilty when I oversleep, since time is precious and I’ve lost my productive time.

As a uni student, you have plenty of time for leisure if you don’t have a part-time job. So how can you make your uni life to become fulfilled? I do suggest uni students pick a hobby/hobbies, as it’s the best way to help you to reduce your stresses. Moreover, to learn a new skill will also be an ideal way to enhance your competitive power.

My past uni experience told me being a lazy people is easy. What I saw for people who I know just spend all day in their home for doing nothing, but just watching Netflix. They started their assignment in hours before the due date. They even paid someone to do assignments. But what’s the point for the uni life?

For me, the uni life is giving me a preparation for my future career and it also gives me chances to meet many great people. Knowledge is a part of the university and the most the important thing is starting to fulfill your life.