Python solution beats 86.75% for Leetcode 863: All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree

Input: root = [3,5,1,6,2,0,8,null,null,7,4], target = 5, K = 2Output: [7,4,1]Explanation: 
The nodes that are a distance 2 from the target node (with value 5)
have values 7, 4, and 1.
Note that the inputs "root" and "target" are actually TreeNodes.
The descriptions of the inputs above are just serializations of these objects.
  1. The given tree is non-empty.
  2. Each node in the tree has unique values 0 <= node.val <= 500.
  3. The target node is a node in the tree.
  4. 0 <= K <= 1000.
Debug window in VScode


  • 57/57 cases passed (32 ms)
  • Your runtime beats 86.75 % of python3 submissions
  • Your memory usage beats 62.5 % of python3 submissions (14.1 MB)




Data Science, Algorithm

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Data Science, Algorithm

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