C. CLASS 1 (8/30)


1. Organizational Method

  • Location
  • Alphabetical
  • Time
  • Categories
  • Hierachical

2. Exercise

3. Remember

  • 1 project 1 post
  • Record date for each section
  • Document all iterations


1. News reading

2. Analyze 3 news venues, how things portrayed on homepage, what does the layout/structure/hierachy tells you, color, typography, white space/jammed, how form communicate ideas, how do you feel, phrasing of news: loud/benie/political tone, content type: global/US focused/politics/enviornment…start new story, write observation day by day for a week, see patterns

3. Determine topic for project 2 by 9/4, write statements about topic

4. Determine topic for project 1 by 9/11, find team

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