How do you sleep at night?

Knowing that at the age of 21, you are barely employed and employable, with no Higher Nitec Degree, diploma and a less than decent O level certificate?

Seeing that your younger brother and Mother are right behind you cleaning up the messes you’ve made today, clearing away your used tissues, rehanging the clothes that you’ve just tossed aside, wiping the table that you eat on?

After an intense round of computer games with your so called buddies. The “buddies” that got you addicted to nicotine. The “buddies” that gave you the false illusion of brotherhood, of a fraternity, of friends.

Really I do wonder Jack, how do you sleep oh so soundly. Maybe it’s the new camera lens that you’ve just bought. Maybe it’s one of your $400 meals that you’ve paid for again. How about the fact that you did nothing, absolutely nothing, for mum’s birthday. Oh wait you surprised her with a dinner. A dinner. A dinner. You, Son of Liu Wei, surprised her with a dinner. A dinner that she paid for because you have no self control over your money. Amazing. A dinner you owed her for the other many nights that you’ve decided to not eat with mum because she doesn’t cook your favourite food, she doesn’t eat pizza and fried food, she only eats eastern cuisine.

Thank you for gracing us with your presence and all the best in your future endeavours. Really all the best. Have a good nights rest.

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