Some notes for myself in the beginning of APNIC 46

This is a quick note for myself.

outside of the venue, beautiful Noumea, New Caledonia

It is good to hear about APrIGF2018 in APNIC46.

They’ve had whole week workshop training already. I attended the FIRST TC yesterday afternoon. Then I realized there’re different levels, sections issues in cybersecurity, but most people are known cybersecurity issues in application layer well.

We are know there are some cybersecurity risks in IoT, AI, those emerging technology. And we still have old problems with security issues, or connection issues in different economies.

Some technical guys don’t like to attend policy discussions conference like IGF. They’d like to talk about standards, technology in their professional conference.

People with policy making or decision function, they always provide concepts, perspectives, visions. hardly to provide any executable action plan.

Then I found some difference between IGF and these technical conference. IGF is a area to exchange different perspectives to each other. Technical conference, like APNIC or IETF, they talk about technology, standards.

But those conferences are all the same with connecting people to make stronger connection between different groups or communities, especially in the widespread Asia Pacific area. We have different cultures, values, mindsets.

Different economic development also affect the internet (with economy, technology, issues, etc.) development in different Asia countries. That’s important with multistakeholer mechanism in these conference, especially APrIGF.

Opening ceremony webcasting

Just a quick note for myself at the opening ceremony of APNIC 46. Everyone can join the conference remotely with youtube or adobe connect.

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