YIN Finance Tutorial: How to Provide Liquidity on Arbitrum

If this is your first time using Arbitrum network, you are in luck! We’ll guide you through the process with this step-by-step tutorial.

Before getting started, make sure that you have enough Arbitrum ETH (aETH / AETH) in your browser wallet to cover the gas fees.

To bridge the assets to Arbitrum network, we recommend to use cross-chain ERC-Arbitrum bridge on Celer Network: https://cbridge.celer.network/#/transfer.

The estimated transaction period is around 10–20 mins.

  1. Visit the official YIN Finance website: https://app.yin.finance/yin, and set the network to Arbitrum. Click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button to connect your wallet and switch your wallet network to Arbitrum.

2. Click the ‘Deposit’ button, and ‘Approve’ USDT and USDC individually in the pop-up window and in your wallet.

3. Click the ‘Deposit’ button again in the dashboard, fill your desired amount, and hit ‘Deposit’.

4. A financial NFT will be minted, then click ‘Stake NFT’, and confirm the action in your browser wallet.

5. Congrats, you have now successfully completed the steps of staking in the USDT/USDC pool! Expand the pool tab to check out your position details, and enjoy the extensive rewards of LP fees + $YIN + $iZi token brought to you by YIN Finance and izumi Finance.

6. To withdraw your fund, simply click ‘Harvest’, and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Happy staking!

About YIN Finance

YIN Finance is a multi-strategy NFT asset management platform that allows users to subscribe to the project’s various strategies to achieve effective high-yield asset management. YIN Finance aims to provide proactive liquidity management services on different public chains and decentralized exchanges. Currently, YIN Finance is deployed on Polygon, BNB and Arbitrum network, and will be deployed on Solana soon.

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YIN Finance Team

YIN Finance Team

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