Hello, it’s me.

Hello, can you hear me?

Chances are that you’ve already heard (and/or belted out your own version of) Adele’s new single way too many times to count since its release two weeks ago (unless you live under a rock, or still use a flip phone — see what I did there?). Anyway, because of this amazing thing called the internet, we have been blessed (and cursed) with a ton of “Hello” covers from everyone and their mother (which has only reminded me of my lack of singing ability — or maybe my lack of confidence to put myself out there).

Anyway, here are some highlights from around the WWW:

How emotional/fragile/nostalgic do you feel now that you’ve listened to the song at least four more times than planned today? Or did your cold black heart not even quiver because it’s made of stone (like mine)? Just kidding…sort of.

At least this baby’s reaction to Adele’s “Hello” made me laugh, so if doesn’t make you “feel things” (as the youths like to say), then you really have no soul:

Happy weekend!

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