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In this 30 day challenge, I make myself accountable for learning Blender, a 3D compositing, and animating software.

After going through the Blender tutorial and pages of notes, I’m comfortable starting beginning to create an extremely simple 3D animation. In this month-long challenge, I’m inspired by the character animation in Duolingo. Each week I’ll bring some of these characters into life and document the process behind it.

In Duolingo’s Style Guide, they broke down the shape of their illustration style into several basic shapes. I wanted to start with this basic mindset as a tackle my first Blender 3D animation. The first challenge: the Duolingo mascot, Duo. My favorite mood is this one:

After doing a bit of research into the development of Duo and the illustration system, I started to break down the process.

Documenting my experience learning Blender

A whole new world of…3D. I’ve been putting this off for wayyyy too long and I’m finally going to jump into creating something every day, even if its something incredibly minuscule. After watching a 2-hour Blender basic tutorial, here are my main takeaways and things to keep in mind, especially about the interface.

What is Blender?

It is a robust open-source software that allows anyone to create from their imagination, whether it is 3D/2D animations, compositing, video editing, painting, sculpting, visual effects, various simulations (cloth, particle, fluid, smoke), 3D printing all in real-time.

Main Takeaways

The Interface is Complex but Flexible
Use only what you need, you may not need to know certain tools or shortcuts.

Next week I’ll create a simple 3D model of things I’m inspired by, including sketches or ideas I have.

In this 7 part series, I aim to redesign Hairprint’s landing page based on research. Last week I designed the website’s landing page. This week I aim to create a simple design system that helps to articulate Hairprint’s branding and tone of voice along with their website UI components.


A new experience for a haircare website

In this 7 part series, I aim to redesign Hairprint’s landing page based on research. Last week I developed a style guide that helps me articulate the mood and direction I believe best suits Hairprint’s brand.

Part 1 | Competitive Visual Analysis
Part 2…

A new direction for a haircare brand

In this 7 part series, I aim to redesign Hairprint’s website based on research. Last week I developed 3 different mood boards to help articulate a new market opportunity. This week I will choose one visual direction to move forward in. …

Reimaging the visual language

In this 6 part series, I aim to redesign Hairprint’s web design strategy based on competitor research. In this part, I aim to craft a few mood boards that will inform the Style Guide.

Part 1 | Competitive Visual Analysis
Part 2 | Areas of Differentiation
Part 3…

Redefine the User Persona

This is a design series where I analyze a website user experience and propose a redesign. For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing an analysis of Hairprint’s website. Last week I highlighted the gaps where Hairprint can stand out from its competitors. …

Visual Areas of Opportunities with the Website Experience

This is a design series where I analyze a website and propose a redesign. Last week I highlighted visual trends from Hairprint’s competitors in the market. Today I will see where the gaps are for Hairprint to stand out from its competitors.

Direct and Indirect Visual Competitive Analysis

Following up on my previous post from last week, I wanted to tackle a redesign of Hairprint’s shopping experience. The main reason being that there was an opportunity to enhance the overall shopping experience. I wanted to take a more methodical approach in this…

Clarifying the design of an existing product in the haircare market

Hero Banner of Hairprint’s Website
Hero of Hairprint’s Website

Hairprint is a small science-driven company based in Sausalito, California. They market haircare product that differentiates itself by using purely botanical ingredients that works synergistically with the body’s chemistry to restore our original color.

“All hair is different. We…

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