Daily UI Design #9: Music Player

I’ve been really busy and didn’t have time for my little daily UI design practices for a few day, so need to catchup. Today’s UI design theme is a “music player”, I decided to make an iPhone page where a song is playing.

I sketched out functions and UI components that a user would need to play a piece of music, like the name of the song and singer, lyrics, timeline, play/pause buttons, backward/forward buttons as well as a few others, like “add to favorites”, “play mode” and “share”.

I found it a bit hard to cover all the elements out of my head, so I checked a music player I use pretty frequently: QQ Music by Tencent. It’s very well developed and covers a more comprehensive set of features. It’s a great insiprtion for me. I wish I had time to put more thoughts into it before drawing the UI, but I’ll take whatever time I have.

I made the final look in Axure. Not sure why the export to image functionality always exported images with lower resolutions than I would expected. I may switch to Photoshop or Sketch again.