Daily UI Design for 100 Days, Are You Up for It?

I came across a great website call Daily UI (http://www.dailyui.co/). After you subscribe to the email list, it sends you a theme every work day, Monday to Friday, to design a piece of UI.

I’ve decided to start brushing up my visual design skills, and use this opportunity to stay motivated to learn some new UI techniques, like motion design. That’s why I started it today.

Today is the day 1, theme “Sign up”. I thought about doing a sign up mobile page or just a modal dialog, and final came down to the idea of doing a sign up page for an imaginary sketching web app, which can futuristically sync with your sketches on paper. To sign up for this imaginary app, you just input a username, email, and password, and be ready for your sketching journey! Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-printer-paper-186422/

I have to admit that I’m not satisfied with it at all. In this page, it’s just a static page UI, no indicators on different component states, lots of UI details should be better worked out (e.g. Color contrast in the input field and text). To be honest, I’d like to re-do it some time to be something refreshing.

I didn’t really have a whole lot of time thinking and crafting what could be a better sign up experience, which I was supposed to do, but I’ll take whatever amount of time I had. I guess, sometimes, that’s the reality.

Tool: Sketch

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