Notes from Women & Career Preparedness Panel Event

I went to a wonderful panel event with the theme “Yes, I’m Ready. Getting Women to Believe in Their Own Career Preparedness.”, hosted by Below are notes from this event & answers from these great female leaders.

How to decide where to go for your career

  • Be open and follow your heart
  • Do you feel you can learn something new?
  • Do you really admire the person you will work for?

What is a good boss?

  • Have trust in you
  • Respect you
  • Tough trainers
  • Combo of mentorship & sponsorship
  • Have a clear purpose
  • Lead the team

What is a great hire?

  • Focus and know what they want
  • Passionate about being better, have the drive, great attitude
  • If it’s an engineer, collaboration, communication, problem solving skills are essential

Growth comes with chaos

  • Expect chaos when you grow
  • Stay clear goal and step by step, don’t just execute

Life and work balance

  • Check in with yourself to give yourself time to do things outside of work
  • Have a great partner that supports you

Higher academic degrees

  • Having a degree can be helpful for whoever values it
  • You may meet great people who you nature deep relationships

What are things that help you advance your career?

  • Diagnosis for a problems is essential.
  • Willing to do things others are not willing to do. But there are a lot of low hanging fruits.
  • Take time (e.g. maternity leave) to reassess yourself and look for the next level.

Resources to help you with career

  • Don’t wait too long to get a mentor.
  • Ask someone to be your mentor. But it may need some chemistry between you.
  • Books (Creativity inc., The Confidence Code, Women In Tech, Biography to learn from great people, e.g. Justice Ginsberg, The rainbow comes and Goes by Anderson Cooper)

Things to hold you back from career & how to get away from them

  • Be spectacularly good and make people shocked about your ability
  • Be the change you want to see, don’t expect things to change or others to take actions for you
  • Ask why people do bad things to you that way, what they assume

How to cultivate your team

  • Goal setting is important
  • What roles you are in
  • Skills you want to learn
  • Create a safe environment for your team to grow

Don’t apologize for things you don’t know or things are not your thing (e.g. football). It’s fine that they’re not your thing.