Zentangles: 10-Day Journey

I joined a friend’s 10-day group practice on Zentangles. A Zentangle is an image that’s formed by simple repeated patterns. You don’t have to be a artist to draw Zentangles, all you need is knowing how to draw a line, a square, a circle, triangle and some other simple shapes. Next, you combine them together to form some other new lines and shapes. It is truly an “everyone art”.

Drawing Zentangles helps you to relax your mind. When you are in a Zentangle drawing mode, your attention is on your hand, your pen and the shapes you are drawing. You live in the moment right there right then. It’s like meditation.

I didn’t know what to draw, so I picked some of my favorite things to start: Books and sunflowers. First, I outlined the items. Then, I filled the patterns into those outlines. I added some colors at the end

Anyone likes to do this as well? Let’s share! For more info about Zentangles, check out zentangle.com.

Below are my 10 day Zentangles:

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