5 overlooked perks of being in a LDR

First, some backstory — I’ve been in a long-distance relationship (LDR) with my boyfriend for 2.5 years. He’s in New Zealand and I in Netherlands.

We met in Malaysia and we started our relationship knowing we would be apart. 3 months into the relationship he left for New Zealand and ever since then we were 18,526 km and 10/12 hours apart depending on daylight savings.

Coming September, we will hopefully end this LDR with me starting my move to be in New Zealand.

As much as we would like to be physically together, over the course of our LDR, we discovered some perks of being not being physically together and they are…

#1: Planning surprises
It’s easier to plan things without being afraid that he’s overlooking my shoulder, emails or accidentally seeing a text message that he wasn’t supposed to see.

I’m able to plan this in comfort knowing that I would be able to plan an epic surprise without being caught or ruined!

#2: Celebrations last twice as long
We may be lucky to be have this time difference between us because it actually works for us. Since it is either 10 or 12 hours time difference depending on daylight savings, we genuinely get to speak to each other twice a day.

We both get to speak to one another when we wake up and when we end the day before bed. We are NIGHT & DAY opposite but being able to talk to each other twice a day has really helped us.

Anyways, moving on, we celebrate our anniversary, birthdays and as cheesy as it might sound, monthsaries too.

Therefore, because I’m 10/12 hours behind him, we celebrate those particular days for 48 hours instead of 24 hours. Who ever wants the party to end right?

#3: Distance makes the heart fonder — they do

Ask any other couples who are in long-distance relationship and they will tell you it sucks! But then again, the distance makes you look forward and appreciate the next time you see each other.

I have countdown widgets on my phone that countdown to the days till I will see him next and with every approaching day, I have butterflies in my stomach knowing that I will see him soon (writing this already gives me butterflies).

#4: Explore new places together

Since we are on opposite side of the world, it has brought us places that we would never have imagined to have visited. The places we will go.

Bali, Indonesia.
Sydney, Australia
Various places in the North Island, New Zealand
Lima & Cuzco, Peru
Santiago, Chile
Mendoza, Argentina
Prague & Brno, Czech Republic
London & Manchester, United Kingdom
and to be continued…

Nazca Desert, Peru

#5: The freedom to grow
We can both work on ourselves and do our own thing at our own time. We have our personal space and as much as we develop our relationship together, we also develop ourselves independently. He’s chasing and working on his dream and I myself am given the space to chase and work on mine.

We respect and support one another and that’s just one of the many things that I appreciate about our relationship that we built and have.

That’s all folks!

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