Rick Huang
May 1, 2018 · 1 min read

May 1st Training Program

Athlean-X Ax-1 Week 5 Strength Training (Day 29+33)*


  • Crucifix stretch
  • Screwdriver dips
  • Jump ropes

ATHLEANMMO” — MAX EFFORT (30 second rests between sets, get your heart rate up!)

  • Plate Drop Squats 20 kg: 3 SETS x 12 REPS (NOTE: Drop down until thighs are parallel to ground)
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 5 kg plates each hand x 8–10 reps => Holding Isometric 20 seconds (NOTE: perform this as a superset, do 3 SETS)
  • DB Alternating Reverse Lunges 10 kg plates: 5 SETS x 10 reps

  • Cable Low One-arm Rows 60 lb: 3 SETS x 10–12 REPS each arm
  • Seated Straight Bar Mid/Upper Back Rows 100 lb: 3 SETS x 8–10 REPS
  • Alternating Woodchopper Triceps Pushdowns 80 lb: 3 SETS x 10–12 REPS
  • Alternate Triceps Overhead X-tensions — > 1&1/2 Rep Incline Curls 6 kg (NOTE: perform 2 SETS x Alternate Failures)

Cool down and accessory work:

  • Band pull apart
  • Stretching: Lats, shoulders, pecs, hamstrings, glutes
  • Mackenzie presses

  • Total time minutes = 70
  • Max heart rate: 143 bpm
  • Average heart rate: 121 bpm

Live to lift, lift to live! Stay strong my friends!

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