What we keep in 100mentors from the Obama administration.

Usually when political analysts are asked to remember their boldest memories from this 8 year tenure, they stick to the highlight-moments, usually certain landmark speeches like today’s #FarewellAddress, during which Obama made the crowd cheer, like he was a professional athlete who scored the buzzer beater & the people loved him & his family, like they were a pop band. No doubt he is a charismatic rhetor and an over-achiever: ”…this was the seventy-fifth consecutive month of job growth, which is a record for the modern era. Since early 2010, 15.8 million jobs have been created”

However what we would keep, if we had to choose one “heritage item” from this administration is the focus it gave to education and the humans working on the ground at the schools across all states and non-US territories. This administration put supporting the counsellors in the epicenter of their policy making effort, with funding and initiatives, like “Reach Higher”, primarily though it gave it a special political weight.

“Education is a slow-moving but powerful force. It may not be fast enough or strong enough to save us from catastrophe, but it is the strongest force available for that purpose and in its proper place, therefore, is not at the periphery, but at the center of international relations.” — J. William Fulbright

Here, in 100mentors, an educational organisation, we know that real work is accomplished by change-makers who don’t look for recognition, rather than results and real impact. They just serve a bold vision with accomplishing everyday miracles under dire circumstances: “..tight budgets, impossible student-counsellor ratios, endless demand of your time, ….you counsellors, stick with students in their darkest moments”. What we keep from this administration is that

they invented ways to award recognition to the silent heroes at the schools and the real change-makers of our lives: our educators & our humble role models at universities & science labs.

Thus instead of the inspiring Obama Farewell Address,

we would pick to highlight the First Lady Honorary speech for the 2017 School Counsellor of the Year, a few days earlier.