Civil ceremonies: Couples share their extra-special day at City Hall

my critique:

This piece is a media report about 43 couples who wed at San Francisco’s City Hall on May 12. I was deeply attracted when I saw the title and pictures at the first time. I like it because it’s so romantic and I want to know those people’s stories.

On the one hand, there are several points why I think it represents a good use of multimedia:

  1. the length of article is appropriate. I read the whole report and don’t get bored.
  2. I can click to see each couple’s story, which makes the page look more concise and creates a comfortable sense to read.

3. photos of differnt couple’s and their stories can evoke emotional response.( at least it makes me feel very warm and begin to imagine my own wedding)

On the other hand, I think this multimedia package will be better if it can be accompanied by soft music. And if a short video of the wedding is attached to the page, people can experience the atmosphere of the scene.

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