Do you want to know me?

I’m a 22, cheerful Chinese girl . I took this photo in December 2016, because I spent a really great time that day. And I hope I can enjoy a wonderful summer in UC Berkeley.


I love nature and photography. One day, I saw the grass grew from the stump. I was so surprised and moved. Every time I see this picture, I can gain courage to face difficulties in my life. In the future, I want to be a good photographer who can take beautiful and thought-provoking pictures.


This is a old teaching hall in my home university and I meet my boyfriend in this building. Phoenix tree leaves in front of the hall are as beautiful as stars in the sky.

one of the sweetest moments in my life

I love drawing since I was a child. It can help me explore colorful world and stay a peaceful mind.

croissant colorwater

This is my favourite dish — braised lobster! Chinese people usually eat it with beer in summer. It is really spicy and yummy, and my mom cook it very well. I really miss her cooking.

braised lobster

I hope you would like to make friends with me, and I really want to know your stories!

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