Your Regular Love Story Told In HTML



______<him> Swipe right</him>

______<her> Swipe right</her>



______<him> Do you want to grab for a drink tomorrow night? </him>

______<her> Sounds great. I can do 7 tomorrow. </her>

______<him> Great. See you then. </him>



______<him> Do you want brunch? </him>

______<her> Yeah, let’s get brunch. </her>



______<friends> So how did you guys meet? </friends>

______<him> Hmm where did we meet again? </him>

______<her> We met in a gallery. </her>



______<him><annoyed> I’m very tired. I don’t want to talk about it. </annoyed></him>

______<her><upset> Why do you keep avoiding it?</upset></her>

______<him><distressed> No, I’m not. I just don’t want to talk about it right now.</distressed> <irritated> I’m sorry, Ok? </irritated></him>

______<her><resentful> No, you don’t mean it at all. </resentful></her>


<! — Whatever months later — >


______<him> How was your day? </him>

______<her> Fine, I guess. What do you want for dinner?</her>

______<him> I don’t know. What do you want? </him>

______<her> I don’t know. I’ll get pizza then. </her>

______<him> Sure. </him>


<! — Whatever problem it is — >


______<her><stressed> We need to talk. </stressed></her>

______<him><nervous> Sure. </nervous></him>

______<her><frustrated> What are we doing? I don’t know what we are doing. </frustrated></her>

______<him><uneasy> I don’t know either. Is this what you want? </uneasy></him>

______<her> I don’t know. </her>

______<him> OK. </him>

______<her><torn> Maybe we should stop. </torn></her>

______<him><torn> Maybe you’re right. </torn></him>



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