TviQ — The Many-Faced God, Part1: Origins

For about a year Overwatch has been played competitively. Through its history, one name shines brighter than all the others. He’s the common denominator in two teams that dominated their era. The breadth and depth of his skill is unprecedented. At times forcefully imposing himself onto his victims, at others subtly toying with their attention and ripping space wide open. If this is his world, then we are all Faceless Men. Death is his gift. He is TviQ — The Many-Faced God.

Revealing himself as Pluppie

When TviQ entered the scene he almost immediately stood out. Playing under the alias Pluppie, an alternative account he created to increase his chance of getting into the closed beta, he impressed in the very first Gosu Weeklies he participated in. Mainly known for his Genji even back then, he was never only stuck on this one pick, playing all kinds of DPS heroes despite the success of specialists such as Vallutaja and coolmatt69. His skill transition between characters back then was already so extraordinary that he stood in as a support for mixup (the team that we now know to be NRG) one day performing amazingly only to be back to beasting it on Genji the night after.

Upon joining IDDQD, the team built around the core that is now EnVyUs, they went on a tournament run that was almost equally as long as to the one EnvyUs had this year.

Particularly ridiculous at the time was the consistency with which, through an admittedly imperfect algorithm, the play of the game feature chose TviQ. His playmaking ability was so dominating that the Gosu Gamers caster duo of ZP & Hexagrams coined the phrase “Plupp of the Game”. It continued on his private stream where on non-tournament days he’d rake up 80 or more of those at the highest MMR against top opposition.

During this time he soon passed the amount of games of most of his peers despite their aforementioned three week headstart. Pluppie was everywhere, even switching to US servers to find better suited victims late into the Swedish night.

Tempted by Arya

Watching TviQ’s stream, one could get the idea that he is nothing but an incredibly talented goofball with Kebab tourette’s and a strange love for overused memes. Indeed as you entered the location of the TakeOver tournament, his notorious laughter echoed in the spacey gaming, being the most assertive sound and remained as such for the entire weekend. Especially through the brief bromance he had with Mendoqusaii, so aptly named TviQuosaii, that lead to them both leaving IDDQD to form a new iteration of the team called My Dong, TviQ was ever joking and winning all the same.

The team conceptually seemed to be built around TviQ and Mendo. The duo had previously been styling on nerds in every combination of Tracer and Genji in the infamous Symmetra, Lucio, Zenyatta, Winston and later even becoming extremes of two Zenyattas setup. The idea of the comp was to put the everlasting Orbs of Harmony onto the DPS who would, in combination with a Symmetra shield, become seemingly unkillable flanking machines. The composition of heroes might have been frustrating to face and play as and felt like an unhealthy state of affairs which did justify the reaction other pros showed. At the same time it’s safe to say that many competitors were simply fed up being made a fool by essentially anime characters. TviQuosai didn’t care and when asked what to do against the comp, their answer would literally repeatedly be “git gud”.

Mendo tried to utilize TviQ’s power but eventually fell from grace. Not only equipped with the looks of Arya Stark but eerily similar in behavior they had a fallout supposedly because Mendo couldn’t fully accept his master’s doctrines. Finally he had to leave the temple of the black and white. If you had asked Mendo for an honest answer to the question of who he was in the competitive Overwatch scene after leaving TviQ, for month and realistically until he joined his current team c9 he had to have responded “No one”.

Valar Morghulis

It wasn’t that Mydong performed badly with Mendo. Infact only after his banishment was the team, now under the Rogue banner, relegated to a position where they would need to contest with both Reunited and Creation for the European crown. Particularly the rivalry with Creation esports they build up over several offline and online events was TviQ’s gift to the world. What it was however, was TviQ’s clear sign to his team and especially his fellow DPS player:

I will flex and thus accomodate and nourish you. I will control as many bodies as it takes. In doing so I create comfort and room for you and the world will celebrate your feats. Until you defy me…

He had left the best team in the game and he had let the child prodigy go before. When they picked up the amazing IDDQD they won their next two lans in “The Plays Launch Event” & “TakeOver” and dropped him nevertheless. For they all didn’t grasp one simple truth:

Valar Dohaeris — All men must serve.