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Wake up at 6:30 in the morning and get one spoon of whey protein granule, after running 20 mins around the college, finally, I walk into the Electromagnetics class 15 mins before the scheduled time, had a quick review of the contents learned last week.

Beautiful College scene shot the morning

This can be the new scene of myself in this semester, compared with the last, I have changed a lot on schedule. Since I have got two C’s on Probability and Linear Algebra previous year, I had decided to make changes in attitude toward college life.

After chatting with some graduates and advisor on how…

With the popularity of the concept of data science, Python is not a new language. How do I start learning Python? I often need to make corresponding suggestions based on their different situations. Although the pertinence is strong, it is not efficient. I still write this question and let more people see it together.

In my opinion, existing learning resources are good enough.

However, with so many ready-made resources and paths, why are many people still guilty of learning Python? Because learning has an efficiency problem. Python syntax is clear and easy to learn, which is an important reason why…

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The new AirPods are equipped with the new Apple H1 headphone chip, and the new chip brings faster and more stable connection speeds, which is twice as fast as ever. In addition, the H1 chip also increases the speed at which AirPods can switch between devices, requiring only half the time to complete the switch. I believe that many of my friends have encountered the process of switching to a Bluetooth device during a call, which takes too long, and some of the call content is not heard, and the H1 chip can help the new AirPods achieve a connection…

Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers.
— Cesar Chavez

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Obtaining a new language can always be a significant part of our wishing list, we can always imagine a scene to travel to remote without Google translate so that we can feel the original flavor of local culture so long as local food and best traveling experience.

After learning Spanish, Japanese and Chinese, I have concluded some common strategy on language learning which can certainly help you to insist on learning without living in a real…

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Apple Inc. is now the biggest money-maker with the annual profit of 48 billion dollars, which is like 5 times of Walmart.

Since iPhone’s first release on June 29, 2007, 2 by Steve Jobs, Apple has changed its marketing strategy several times, this research analysis every change on iPhone’s history by tools introduced in Marketing 101, aiming to find the theory basis of Apple’s decision. On top of that, this paper will concentrate more on the iPhone:iPhone XR which is somehow ‘extra’ to give the details why it can exist.

Analysis on frame iteration of iPhone series

There are 2 biggest changes on the marketing frame of…

Yeeso Wu

May the odds be ever in your favor !

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