I found this piece to be overly reaching and intellectually, as well as, factually dishonest.

You are part of the problem: “Rather than address identity as its own curse, it skirts the issue and, in result, portrays clearly the arrogance that has lead to centuries of repeated expulsions following repeated attempts to afford inclusion. The term ‘antisemitism’ is a false construct which serves only to blame others where a people (who are vastly non-Semitic) refuse to acknowledge the reasons why they become outcast… the arrogance and false sense of superiority carried through generation after generation.”

So, according to you, Jews were “outcast” and repeatedly expelled for centuries (you seem to have forgotten the Nazis’ genocide) because of our behavior. We brought it all upon ourselves! Non-Jews have no agency, no responsibility. Hell, there is no such a thing as antisemitism! Its all made up.

So, tell me, of which “repeated attempts to afford inclusion” are you talking about? When the Russian Empire forced million of Jews to live in the Pale of Settlement, away from Christians? When Europeans corralled us into walled ghettos? When the Spanish Inquisition pursued and murdered tens of thousands of Jews who converted to Catholicism, to take advantage of the Church’s “affording inclusion” to them (after being given the choice of exile, conversion or death). When Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East actually created the walled Jewish ghetto before Christian Europe?

Further, would you say in any manner that Black people are deserving of racism? Women are deseering of rape? How many anti-Black or misogynistic stereotypes can be mustered by white and male supremacists to justify their racism and violence against Black people and women? Do LGBT people deserve to be bashed for their “arrogance and false sense of superiority” by dressing in non-hetero-normative clothing?

Finally, six million Jews were murdered in the name of Anti-Semitism, a distinct and clear ideological construct invented by non-Jews to justify the mass extermination of some two-thirds of European Jewry. A continent-wide genocide. That is six million reasons why the term “antisemitism” means genocidal anti-Jewish racism.

You define “Semite” in racial terms, when it clearly is not. Jews and Arabs are Semites only in the sense that their respective languages are Semitic. You forget that the majority of Israel’s Jewish citizens are in fact people of color, mostly the descendants of Jewish refugees evicted and otherwise pushed out of their homes in ten Arab countries, whose governments confiscated all their personal and communal property. (No doubt you’ll blame that on their “arrogant” behavior, as well.)

You are part of the problem. You deny us Jews our identity, our history, our culture, our heritage, our oppression. You deny us self-determination despite our history of oppression, which you conveniently wash away as unimportant. You probably consider yourself to be progressive. You are anything but.

And, yes, a person who is a member of a historically oppressed group who adopts the language of oppression by the majority culture aimed at the group to which they belong, is self-hating. You have internalized antisemitism, and weaponizing it against your own people.