An Open Letter to Target, Starbucks and Others

Dear Assorted Corporations,

I understand that you guys are under a certain amount of pressure from The SJWs on both sides of the political aisle to make loud political statements for or against the Outrage du jour. Today, even Time Magazine felt the need to encourage this behavior. I want to take a moment to speak with you, as adults. I think we can be honest with each other; after all we do have a relationship. You provide me with products and/or services, and I give you money.

I consider myself to be socially and politically aware, even if not “woke”, but I am also an adult. This means that I do care about social issues and society and have actual opinions on the above. As an adult, though, when I spend my money, I know what I’m buying with it. I go to Starbucks to buy coffee, to Target for a whole array of things, and buy Kellogg’s to have breakfast. For my social and political intake, however, I have other destinations, not food and clothing stores. You guys need to be making the best products relative to your pricing, and I will continue patronizing your establishments.

I understand that there are times you feel the need to make decisions based on your sense of right and wrong, and that’s perfectly reasonable. When you make a big deal out of these decisions, and run big announcements, it almost forces me to consider elements of your business beyond your product. This is silly, because I would like to continue buying your product without feeling like I am supporting that with which I disagree. By publicly taking sides on these issues, you may encourage some customers, although I doubt draw new ones, and you will certainly alienate others who are otherwise used to ignoring known, but private, politics.

Please, please don’t let Time Magazine and The SJWs talk you into losing me and people like me as customers.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will take my advice to heart.



An American Adult

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