I have a dream.

When I was a kid, I love to dream.

I dreamt to be somebody, I dreamt to be special.

I dreamt to be a doctor, I dreamt to be an entrepreneur.

I dreamt to be a inspirational speaker, I dreamt to be a film maker.

I dreamt to be a writer, I dreamt to be a planner.

I dreamt to be a dreamer, to dream more dreams.

As I grew older, I met a friend.

A friend named reality.

Reality told me that dreams were meant for dreaming.

I gave in.

The constant movements and the constant changes,

Brought me to this place called comfort.

Everybody told me that it was best for me.

Taking risk will cost me comfort and stability.

I listened, I followed.

For a moment,

I felt safe. I felt protected. I felt secure.

I thought I was happy, but no.

I was not happy.

I felt empty, restricted and lost.

I have followed the crowd and forgotten about me.

And I know, I have to change, cause

When I was a kid, my dream was more than just a dream,
It was a constant motivation to give life to life.

And I was happy.


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