Important Suggestions For Sourcing Commodities From Yiwu Market

“ A sea of commodities, a heaven for shoppers” is a phrase commonly used for defining the Yiwu market located in China. If you are also the one looking for sourcing Amazon re-sell products, then Yiwu might be the ultimate destination for you. The marketplace is spread across five districts that have some 70, 000 stalls in them. However, before you start dealing with any Yiwu export agent or marketing agent there are a few things you should take note of.

1. Logistics: There are two ways to visit Yiwu, you can either take a direct flight to Shanghai or reach Guangzhou and then reach Yiwu. You can easily save $200 if you take the Guangzhou route. You can either jump on a speed train from the Shanghai Hongqiao Railroad Station or a bus. You can also take a taxi from the Shanghai Hongqiao Railroad Station. However, it is recommended to make bookings before starting for Yiwu. There are several taxis that may offer help to reach hotels, but it is better to ask your agents to pick you up.

2. Check Promotional Pamphlets At Front Desk Of Hotel: Most hotels in Yiwu would offer you promotional pamphlets in lobby section. This segment will offer ample of information about every aspect of market right from international freight forwarders to product inspection services. If you reached without any contacts, it can be perfect point to begin.

3. Know Which Commodities Will Interest You And Bring Samples With You: It is a large marketplace where one can get distracted easily. So, make sure you know which category you would want to center your focus on, it would definitely help saving a lot of time. You can select samples and use the same for sourcing key features, functionality, and materials. Since, you will be spending a lot of time here in market, make sure you come completely prepared.

4. Examine Multiple Sourcing Agents: There are agents that excel in specific commodities but will be ready to offer you everything under the sun. initially, it would be difficult to differentiate between who excels in finding commodities and who is good at pricing those. You can always start by trying multiple agents for same commodity and see who is good in meeting your requirements.

5. Keep Distance From Licensed And Trademarked Products: Nothing compares the fun of getting a product at rock bottom prices. But make sure it doesn’t leads to losing seller privileges on Amazon. Irrespective of what anyone tells you, no seller offers genuine branded products in Yiwu. So, make sure you stay away from such things.

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