TokenBox : provides access to platform services

TokenBox : provides access to platform services

hi friends thank you for visiting my article .. right now i am having interest in an ICO project named TokenBox if you already know cryptocurency must have been familiar with sentence plaform. well this time I will discuss as well as introduce to you more details about ICO TokenBox and do not forget to visit some links that are already available under the column yah .. it is very interesting not to miss to participate

TBX is a token utility that provides access to platform services. A fund manager or trader who wants to run his own funds on the platform gets a TBX token and stores it on the platform. Funds in the TBX format are placed in a portfolio of funds or merchants and are very valuable in portfolios like other assets. Your portfolio’s TBX share must be at least 5%
Tokenbox is also a block of technology development chain and the rapid growth of the new currency encryption market.

Opportunities appear consistently in the field of investment. Currently cryptocurrencies are scattered and digital tokens The more, yes .. often I refer to as “crypto assets or digital assets” ..
Potential investors are technology-driven software solutions customers who are afraid of regulatory influences and who have the most effective fund management and interaction with them. That’s why Tokenbox develops the platform concept. The Tokenbox platform concept combines investors on the one hand, currency password funds for professional managers, and other traders

To ensure a high level of security. The TokenBox manager and merchant team must accept off-the-shelf solutions to create token funds and provide technically, transparently and technically in Tokenbox solutions. Through a fund management process and a technically friendly and safe way, investors can choose from a variety of funded and audited funds.

Tokenbox communicates with Tokenbox sites within relevant legislative infrastructure legitimately provides funds and merchants in market format Integrated functions to generate funds to facilitate token publishing as well as Legal activities by providing legal efficiency for trading activities, funds and traders within the legal structure.

KYC / AML. Tokenbox performs or regulates KYC / AML for investors on behalf of the Fund, including the placement and use of the required data validation system as well as the merchant. Collective management agreements with investors based on smart foundations.

  • Tokenbox Conduct activities on the Platform through relevant legislative infrastructure
  • The universal crypto currency purse for secure digital asset storage is very safe.
  • The wallet lets you store all crypto-major currencies and also stores all tokens you have.
  • For convenience, there are two types of wallets — “Easy” and “Professional” that can simultaneously store keys very well inside and outside the system so that no fraud occurs.
  • Investors can make joint settlement by using their token in accordance with the respective Smart Contract. This token is analogous to the Fund Unit, and its value depends on the profitability and dynamics of portfolio capitalization fluctuations.
  • Rating system and “Advisory Service” can help you in making optimal choices from represented traders in our system

The established price (1 TBX = 1 USD) is a price of initial token offering. The number of TBXs will be fixed at the end of TGE. Max. 31 000 000 TBX.

Token Fund Launched in March 2017 Over 48,000 tokens are sold to hundreds of investors.
May 2017The fund has a capital of $ 2 million and the result is 300%.
Tokenbox Branding and Naming, Technical and Operations Team was launched in June 2017
the launch of the White Paper and Development Plan July 2017 Advisory Committee and Marketing Plan in August 2017
TGE pre-marketing September 2017
Crowdsale performed in October 2017
Listings on the exchange are also conducted in October2017
TGE launch is scheduled On November 14, 2017. They call it not ICO, but TGE (Token Generation Event), because it releases tokens instead of coins A total of 31,000,000 TBX will be issued, the maximum investment amount is 20,000,000 USD

This video shows that TokenBox team has experience to succeed an ICO proved by the presence of one of Managing PartnerTokenBox namely Viktor Shpakovsky in international blockchain forum

  • Viktor Shpakovsky, Managing Partner, The Token Fund
  • Vladimir Smerkis, Managing Partner, The Token Fund
  • Alexey Bashlykov, Technical Project Manager, Zerion
  • Igor Doganov, Chief Analytics Officer, The Token Fund
  • Dmitry Shmakov, Marketing Director, The Token Fund
  • Eugene Yuryev, Art Director, The Token Fund
  • Aleksandr Volkov, Lead Backend Developer, Zerion
  • Chris Abel-Smith, Head of Supervisory Board, Resultat Ltd., Varuna-Partners
  • Chris Skinner, Advisor (Fintech), Innovate Finance, Moven and Meniga
  • Julian L. Zegelman, Advisor (Legal), Velton Zegelman PC
  • Ilya Sachkov, Advisor (Cybersecurity), Group-IB
  • Peter Prabhu, Advisor (Business Development), Interstice Consulting LLP
  • Elena Masolova, Advisor, Groupon Russia, AddVenture Fund
  • Vadim Koleoshkin, Advisor (Product Development), Zerion