A Long Overdue First Post

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For someone who has started writing at the age of approximately five or earlier, this post is long overdue.

The reason for why it took me so long to finally get this blog started is, simply, that I’ve spent most time wandering through life with my natural, endless, ever-growing curiosity, on the journey of self-discovery that seems to have no ends in at least the near future, as a typical early-20-something(or beyond). I’ve spent more time observing, processing and reflecting about the world than making expressions from the inside out.

And besides, I’m also more of a private journaler. Sharing my thoughts out loud is a rather scary thing to do.

Comparing with the beautiful literature written by some of the greatest minds in the world I’ve been reading growing up, I’ve never thought of myself wise enough to share my own opinions with the world. After all, I’m just a girl with one step into the real world and the other still trapped in her unrealistic imagination. What would interest less of a world that’s filled with abundant opinions and voices to filter through already?

And most importantly, I found my views of the world have been changing so swiftly that I might not even be able to recognize my writing from weeks ago. How could ever be sure enough to present them out there tagged with my name, if I may later completely throw it all over?

With all the internal hesitations and navigations throughout external distractions, the urge to write from the bottom of my heart finally overthrew all the excuses I’ve made up for years. So hey, here’s my first blog post.

I start to realize that the very reason that has prevent me from writing this blog is the same one that motivate me to write it the most.

Among all the stories I’ve read, fiction or non-fiction, sad or happy, my stories have never been told yet. And I’m tired of being a loyal consumer of stories has been repeated over and over again. This idea was first inspired by South African writer Adichie’s TedTalk, the Danger of a Single Story. When Adichie’s words spoke right into my heart, I came to realize that I also grew up under many single sides of stories, and failed to appreciate the recognize the significance and beauty within the stories of my own world.

No one in the history has ever shared the uniqueness of my struggles, the awkwardness of my fears and the my brightness of joys. No one has seen the world through my lenses, experience life the way I have. Isn’t that enough? I may not had grand explorations matching up with the scale of the world’s history, but I surely had a handful of fun everyday adventures. And, after all, would it matter if it never caught the attention of the busy world? Then I’ll just be spending the time doing my regular journalling, publicly. (And this is so much more fun, as just I start to write my first blog post, I’ve realized that I start to pay more attentions to little moments in life that would otherwise easily got lost in a wink of the eyes. I’ve already come up so many more story ideas!)

I will promise not to delete any post even though I might be too embarrassed about it later. Each of them would represent a state of mind under certain situations of mine that might never be repeated ever again.

With all that being said, welcome on board for a journey in Heather’s world.

Buckle up, for the safety of the ride is not guaranteed.

Enjoy the view.


❤ Stay curious. Stay awesome.

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