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Look outside the window, the Hudson river with skyscrapers come into view. Just another day for this Manhattan girl, Tiamen Montgomery. 17-year-old, a senior in Cathedral high school, a Catholic school that requires to wear uniform. She’s been living in New York City her whole life with her mom and a cat, Pretty Girl, who turns four early this month. “My mom wants me to do something to my life, and that’s what I’m doing now,” she laughed. “She wants me to go to Ivy League schools, otherwise, she’s pretty chill.”

She has been learning Mandarin since eighth grade. First, she thought the school is offering Spanish class, and she’s excited about to take it. However, they switch the Spanish into Mandarin class. Even though Mandarin is not what she expected for in the beginning, but she enjoys learning it. “It opens a lot of doors, it really did,” she said. From learning Mandarin, it will provides a lot of opportunities overseas, it’s nice to explore other countries. “I am pretty independent,” she added. One of her goals is to visit Asia one day, especially Japan and Korea, since she’s really into Kpop and anime. BTS is her recently favorite band. In eighth grade, she started to get into anime, so it’s an easy transition to Kpop. Furthermore, listen to anime opening and read either anime or Kpop fan fiction has became her interest, also discover this type of artists. She not only read fan fiction, she writes it herself too. “I’m not really a TV watcher,” she said. “I just stay in my room.” When she’s bored in her room, she goes on Facebook or Tumblr.

Since she’s a big fan of Kpop and anime, unsparingly, she likes Asian food, such as Korean zhajiangmian, shrimp dumplings, and Japanese ramen. “But my mom doesn’t like it,” she said. “She hasn’t grown up eating it.”

“I have a dream” is a program in her elementary. It provides full scholarship to the students who are qualified for low income family “It helps a lot” she smiled. “Wherever I go, I’m pretty much cover.” She wants to study college in Japan, but for now, she mostly applying college in New York. To accomplish her dream about studying abroad, she looks for the colleges that provide Mandarin, Japanese, or Korean courses, and of course, study abroad program.

“In the future, I will to be a journalist. That’s why I took this class.” Tiamen is currently in a summer program in Boston University. “It’s worth the money,” she said. Now she knows how it feels to go to college.

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