How I feel from Using Standing Desk for 3 Months.

Sitting at a desk all day has never been my cup of tea. I feel sore, stiff around my waist after sitting for 2 hours. My mom had Spinal disc herniation that led to surgery. At that time, I was still in college. When she kindly advised me not to sit too long when I start working, I kind of brushed it off and didn’t pay much attention — as a college student, I didn’t quite experience the office life yet.

Since I started working fulltime in 2012, I observed a noticeable change in my life: a much sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at work, sitting at home watching tv, driving a car sitting of course, etc. I started gaining weight and got tired very easily.

Fast forward to three months ago at my current job. When I walked past my new bosss’ office, I couldn’t help noticing a huge standing desk. It’s quite intriguing. I was instantly motivated! I put together a “ghetto” version by elevating my screen & keyword with taped boxes. After a month experimenting, I was able to get a legit standing desk from amazon. My company was supportive of the initiative and expense it for me.

The beginning was hard — especially when I have to wear heels. My stomach was burning by the end of the day. I got hungry faster. Standing allows me to move more frequently.

The only time I would sit down is when I need to laser focus on a project that requires intensive thinking. I find myself more productive handling those tasks while sitting down. Other than that, I tried to stand as much as I can while taking conference calls, answering emails, etc.

Three months have passed and I’ll never go back to sitting desk again. I encourage everyone to try — but be sure to get a table that suits you height and and maybe even a standing mask for better cushion and support for your feet. For ladies who wear heels to work, I highly suggest that prepare a pair of comfy shoes to change into.

So now, have you tried standing desk and how do you like it?

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