A new paragraph of my life

Having graduated from NTU in 2015 with a Bachelor in Chinese, I have always had an interest in literature. In school, we got to analyze everything; from how the read is written to what the author was trying to express. Things were intriguing and at times, mind blowing when lecturers shared with us what others had discovered. Anyways, I tried realising my dream of being part of a production team after graduating by joining a YouTube Channel production team. I found a sense of achievement when people enjoyed the production and gained something from it. Hopefully inspirations; but otherwise, laughter was good too.

However, from there, I realized that earning a decent sum of money and having financial stability is something important too. Thus, I left the production team and embarked on a 9 to 5 office job. For a year, I was an OL - office lady. The position I held was in the events/outreach team where we would organize corporate seminars, briefings and workshops. However, I could not find the passion I felt when I first stepped into this organization. Initially, I thought the work I was going to be doing would greatly benefit the corporate sector as the organization was, after all, a not-for-profit organization. I thought that the focus of my job would be to serve and help make the environment better. But even for a not-for-profit organization, it has its own concerns. In short, I did not feel that I was helping to make any difference for the targeted community. Even the computer system that the office was using was rather backdated! We had to toggle between different systems to get the data we needed and to answer queries. This was when I realized that having a user-friendly system would not only make work much more enjoyable but also improve the efficiency of an employee.

That was when I saw the UXDI course. It got me excited again. UXDI! I never thought that there was such an area of expertise. Based on my knowledge, UX design is to help create products that users would like to use. This sounds so perfect! I get to realize my dream of being part of the production team by creating a product, and at the same time I get to help people and make a difference by designing a product that is easy to use and helpful in our everyday life!

From there, it’s history. I quit the 9 to 5 job and joined this program, hoping to achieve my goals and live a better life.

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