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Title: What Is Alibaba?


Screenshot of the heading

This news is an introduction to Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba established by Jack Ma and it consists of four parts which are Defining Alibaba, Inside Taobao, The Man Behind Alibaba, and The challenges.The length of the news is appropriate partly due to the clear structure. And by using a combination of text, photo, video and graphics, the authors did a decent job of creating a news package and effectively conveyed the certain message to their target audience. By the way, I am from China. So I am quite interested in it and curious about how foreigners would introduce Alibaba.

Overall, this news is concise and pertinent. I especially like this sentence from the news which is “It is a marketplace, a search engine and a bank, all in one.” When I read about this sentence, I said to myself that yes, it was exactly what it was. As a multimedia news package, it also surprises me with various choices of getting the information. If people have not enough data and are not able to get access to Wi-Fi, they can scan the text. If people want to grasp the information with relatively small efforts, then people can choose to see the video. If people are statistic lovers and want to get a more rational understanding of this company, they can have a look at those graphics. These graphics are really well-designed and by clicking on them, people will get more details.

Comparison among different Chinese e-commerce companies

However, this news would be more appealing to me if there are more interviews with ordinary Chinese people, who may be the best source in order to understand Alibaba. Because Chinese people are the actual users of these applications and they can give more details and personal stories with this company.

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