Shock Wave War

A hand gesture interactive game made by Arduino


This is my solo project for the class “Physical Computing” at School of Visual Arts. This is a very challenging project for me because that was my first time get hands on Arduino, C and JavaScript. The process of making it had so many struggles and difficulties, but the result turned out made me proud of it. Hope you will like it!


Bring the old-fashioned class-break game to the digital world.

Shock Wave War is a hand gesture game that started in China. It was popularly played by elementary and middle school students during class break around 10 years ago. In the time that lack of digital devices such as iPad, this type of small interactive game had brought kids a lot of fun and created so much memories. The idea for my project is to bring this game to the digital world while keeping the original interactive hand gestures.



I use 4 flex sensors to recognize fingers bend combination for different gestures. Sensors firstly connected to an Arduino and send analog data to a computer.


I use Processing to get the serial data from Arduino and define different data combinations as different gestures.

How to play:

Players should bend specific fingers to represent different gestures. When the gesture is recognized by computer, it will randomly choose a gesture to react at the same time.


1. Connecting Sensors to Arduino

2. Testing it on fingers

3. Sewing Workshop

4. Game Design


1: Players simultaneously choose “Collect”, “Shock”, “Defense”, or “Nuclear” and do the hand pose accordingly.

2: In between each turn, the players each clap twice.

3: Players need to collect power in order to shock the other player.

4: If the opposing player uses defense, he is protected from the shock. Otherwise, he loses.

5: If a player collects 3 times without using a shock, then he has the option to use “Nuclear”, which automatically ends the game.