Facebook interview

I got extremely nervous and excited for this day since Facebook is like a dream place for coders to learn, work, and create. Like usual onsite interviews, 1 behavior question, 2 coding, 1 system design which sums to total of 4 interviews.

I went to their relatively new building #27 and finished my day at 4:20pm. Overall, the coding seesions are consisted of some normal coding, one new question that I have not seen and did not get to the point. The behavior question session is packed with questions going from prevous school/project/work experience and ended without spare time. The system design session ask for design notification system, which I think it is kinda like twitter design (but I did not come up with a well-organized structure).

During lunch, my interviewer introduces me their benefit packet which include gym, haircut, unlimited sick leave, wellness and etc. It makes this place a really appealing for a new grad who want to be a better coder/person and start their life fresh after college.

My heart keeps in a fast speed even when I am on the plane cause I really want to work at Facebook and I do have hopes that I could pass the interview. Although the last question, which I did not answer efficeintly, I hope that it could be balanced by other part.

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