Yahoo onsite experience

It is a long day. By the time I finished my first interview, I have a feeling that this job is out of my reach :) Have saw a bunch of onsite experience feedback, but my interview question is not one of them.

Three interviews in a row with a free lunch at Yahoo campus. First one is about LRU design. The interviewer is also from UC Irvine, probably question how I got my degree afterward lol. Did not select a good structure at first and have got some errors.. Second one goes smooth as it is a question really looks like Leetcode. Last one is permutation combining with system design (estimation for a English dictionary and give out memory spaces). I have to say, “permutation” is the most common word I have seen so far from my interview experience.

Have the feeling that this would not turns out be great. But overall, I like Yahoo campus and their dinning hall.

My parents supported me through this, even after I told them that I failed. Sorry.

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