When I first started creating products in the form of info products, I always priced them between $17 and $47 so that I could make a little money.

Forget Cheap! Be Expensive With Value!

One time I had created this cool little ebook and had priced it for $77 just to spread my wings al little bit.

I was going through my competitors websites and found an ebook on the same subject as my ebook except it was being sold by a well know guru for $37.

I was immediately intimidated and lowered my price to $27 so that I could be the cheapest and eventually…

What’s the quickest way to a high-income business?

Start Coaching Now!

Three words.


I know I have told you my “how I got into coaching story” several times, but as you know, if you want to build a huge business, you must tell your origin story all of the time.

So here goes.

I attended, Coach U, from 1997 to 2001.

I learned about Coach U from some very good friends of mine, who after the death of our baby daughter, knowing I wanted to do something different with my life, told me I should do this new thing called…

I am on at least six marketers daily email list, wait, just thought of someone else, so make that seven marketers daily email list.

Email Your List Daily!

Every single day these seven people send me an email…and I mean they have arrived in my inbox for years.

Sometimes I read the full email, and sometimes I just read the headline and file it away under their name.

Those seven marketers in which I accept, read, and keep their daily emails are a gold mine for me for three reasons.

Reason #1 — I have a swipe file that is second to none!
Seven of…

Do you get up in the morning and write down all of the things that you intend to do in an all exclusive, To Do List?

Or maybe you are the type, that right before you hop into the bed you make the dreaded To Do List, penned and ready to tackle the next morning.

Do Two Money Making Things A Day!

Now, some of you might not find the typical To Do List strategy particularly dreadful…but I have,

I have always found the “to do list strategy “ intimidating and it tended to trigger my procrastination tendency to stop and stare.

Yet I did this strategy…

If you cannot succinctly answer this question…then you are in big trouble, periodt (as my 18 year old daughter loves to say).

You Gotta Love Your Clients!

Seriously, if don’t know exactly who you want as a customer or client and you are just focusing on if they can pay you the big bucks, you will find yourself frustrated, out of sync and getting that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when one of your customers or clients contact you.

I did this when I was desperate to fill my coaching practice this past December.

I realized in three months, my daughter was…

I have friends, a couple, who shall remain nameless, who have an online business in the wealth market in which they created software, courses, and coaching on how to do get up and running online.

Why Did I Have Everything On Facebook!

They make a high 5 figure income every month and his favorite platform is Facebook while she concentrates on support and fulfillment.

He works the heck out of Facebook. He is a pro and can, literally, place an add, choose his target market, hit send and within an hour he’s got prospects pouring into his funnels and purchasing his products.

He and his wife work…

I learned the concept of the Attractive Character from Russell Brunson, but find the story of who he heard it from very fascinating.

His name is John Alanis and if you look up his name you will see that his claim to fame is coaching men on how to attract woman and how to know if a woman was ready to be kissed.

His audience that he was explaining this concept to were entrepreneurs and marketers and he told them that the same thing that men needed to do to attract women was exactly the same as entrepreneurs needed to…

Your story is the most important information that you need to write down and tell it so much that people are sick of hearing it.

Russell Brunson calls it your Origin Story or your Backstory.

Your Backstory Is Key!!!

It is the story that propelled you into making the decision that I will do this…period!

It is where you go back in time to that place where you were before you had that big “aha” moment.

Usually the backstory will start where your listeners are at this point in their lives.

They can see the road you traveled, relate to it, and press on…

Hey there!

When you are going head to head with your competition, you have to have an angle or a hook to differentiate you from them.

There are only three viable markets in which you should build a business.

That being:
1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Relationships

I’m Going To Make A Million In Weight Loss Biz!

Let’s say you pick the Health market and decide to niche down to weight loss.

You decide you are going to build a million dollar business around weight loss just like the other online guru’s in this niche.

How do you lose weight?


You decrease calories and eat healthy foods, right.


When I first started creating products to sell online, I always tried to create an all-developing product that could reach everyone.

Solve One Big Ouch!

Smart right!

I had a product called “How To Repair Your Credit”, that I wanted to sell…well to everybody.

I made a list of all the problems anyone would have around repairing their credit, researched online and from my own experience and proceeded to record my modules to my course.

I trotted it out for human consumption and failed miserably.

Not a sale to be had.

Have you ever tried to create a product where your avatar is everybody…

Yvette Jett Reynolds

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