Human rights defenders across the world are fighting facial recognition surveillance

Researchers Find Racial Bias in Hospital Algorithm

Viral Tweet About Apple Card Leads to Goldman Sachs Probe

Google using dubious tactics to target people with ‘darker skin’ in facial recognition project: sources

It’s time we faced up to AI’s race problem

Tell HUD: Algorithms Shouldn’t Be an Excuse to Discriminate

And I am afraid that the list above will keep growing and creating more concerns…

You see, those of us who believe technology can change the world for the better and are passionately involved with making algorithms that are explainable, transparent and accountable are feeling challenged by the increasing numbers of stories of rogue algorithms creating harm. …

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Photo by Yiannis Kanellopoulos, titled “Watch Tower”

During the last months, I spent (quality) time with people of diverse backgrounds and roles; from executives in the banking sector, founders of health or tech startups and translators to name a few, discussing the impact of technology and algorithmic decision making on their daily work. Not surprisingly the gravity of the deducted decisions as they perceive them (or cognitive insights in a broader sense), is growing very fast.

Interestingly also, most of the people I talked to, had an experience of a slight or serious bias in the deducted insight, that essentially they could bypass using their own intuition and experience. …

… so make sure software developers are part of it

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It was late 90s, the era of .coms and “e-everything” and yours truly was a Computer Science student admiring a bunch of nerdy guys who were creating cool stuff like a web-browser (Netscape in particular) or an electronic (not digital, it wasn’t a cool term at that time) bookstore (Amazon of course). …


Y. Kanellopoulos

Technology can transform the world for the better.

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