Brief review of the MATRIX AI conference in Istanbul

On April 28, a conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey, in which the management of the Matrix project took part.

The contents of the report consisted of the following main issues:

1. Plans of the global communities

2. MATRIX fans worldwide

3. Platforms

4. Development plan

Plans of the global communities.

Plans include the development of communities in countries such as

MATRIX Fans worldwide

Countries that MATRIX has covered.


Platforms through which the project will develop in the media space.

Development plan

The plan for the development of the global community is a plan for the development of both the KOLs and those people who write articles about the project. Now everyone can receive an award from MATRIX if your article deserves the attention of community members.

The conference also discussed marketing issues, such as goals, phased objectives, leverage strengths and global messaging.

Increase engagement with MAN community and the number of MAN users, public awareness of MAN and MAN project are the main objectives of the project.

Phase objectives include

THE intelligent blockchain empowered by AI Technology. Cutting-edge, proprietary technology helps MATRIX stand out from others in the crowded industry.

MATRIX creates value for individuals, organizations and society. MAN creates real-world value and benefits. For example, Green-Mining/MCMC algorithms.

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