Breaking Into Venture Capital As A Student

It’s not a straightforward path, but there are countless ways in

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  • VC Student Programs
  • Student-Focused Funds
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Other ways to get involved in the venture community

VC Student Programs

Student-Focused Funds

Build a Personal Brand

  • Pick an industry vertical (Future of Work, Fin-Tech, Autonomous Vehicles, AI) and become an expert on it. Brand yourself to it
  • Write investment analyses publicly on Medium
  • Tweet product related thoughts and be involved in VC Twitter
  • Hunt things onto Product Hunt, keep tabs on new products
  • Be active to participate in beta programs
  • Make a Substack (only if you’re willing to write consistently)

Other ways to get involved in venture community

  • Intern at a startup. Find opportunities via Angel List and YC job board
  • Follow venture partners on Twitter (AKA VC Meme Twitter)
  • Research companies on Crunchbase, AngelList and keep tabs on IPO’s S1's
  • Intern at a venture firm (might need to cold email; positions are often not publicly listed)
  • Cold email venture firms (internships, scouting companies, network)
  • Subscribe to newsletters/substacks (Robinhood Snacks, Accelerated, make your own it’s the 🔥thing to do right now 😅)
  • Listen to podcasts (Robinhood Snack, Acquired, The Pitch, a16z Podcast, The Twenty Minute VC, Betaworks Builder, Pivot)
  • Join a venture club (if your school has one)

Know Your Terms

  • ARR — Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Bootstrapping — A strategy to self-finance
  • Bridge Loan — Loan given till next round of funding
  • Cap Table — Official document that shows capital/equity structure
  • Disclosure — Something you’re obligated to not follow
  • Exit — Your time to cash out, rarely ever happens
  • GPT-3 — Watch out. It can make your investment irrelevant
  • IPO — Initial Public Offering
  • Paul Graham — GOAT
  • Runway — Number of months left till $0 left in the bank
  • 100 more terms can be found here

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