Your kid needs love and care! Your Kids R Our Kids

Children have a strong need for affiliation, relationship, love, care and warmth. This umbrella bond is important for a healthy development of the child. At the same time, today’s parents are hard-pressed to devote quality time to their child, owing to demanding jobs and a busy daily routine. They feel concerned over not being able to spend ample quality time with their kids.

In such a case, it’s an imperative that both the aspects go in tandem with each other. Your Kids R Our Kids specialize in the day care of children aged 3 months–6years. At our dedicated child-care centres, many of which are sponsored by employers of working parents just like you and at their own locations, your child is not only adequately taken care of while you work, but you also feel the contentment of working close to where your child is.

With us, your child grows her thinking, social, creative as well as self-management skills. She gets to learn something new everyday, meet different children across age-groups, make new friends and stay productive in a variety of activities everyday. She keeps moving up the crucial learning curve swiftly, under the guidance of child experts, mentors and professionals. She also gets to develop a family-like bond with other children and people at the centre.